Overwhelmed by the thought of changing banks? We want your business, and to prove it, we are making switching easier than ever! Listed below you’ll find forms to help you make necessary changes in automatic deposits, deductions, and other automated account transactions. If you have questions, or would like someone to help you through this process, please stop by one of our conveniently located Banking Centers today. At First Bank & Trust Co., Service Excellence is our number one priority. We know how to help you because We Listen.  
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these forms. If you do not have the Adobe software, you can download it here for free.  
Getting Started 
For step-by-step instruction on how to switch banks as well as helpful hints, click here. 
This checklist will help you gather all the necessary information regarding typical checking account transactions. Click here to download this easy to use form. 
Automatic Deposits 
Is your paycheck or other income automatically deposited into your account? We have a generic Automatic Deposit Authorization Form that can be used to switch almost any direct deposit. Simply click here for the form, and remember to print one for each automatic deposit on your checklist.  
The U.S. Treasury requires a special form to make changes to your Social Security Check. Click here for the Standard Form 1199A, then follow all instructions to change your direct deposit information. 
Automatic Deductions 
Do you have payments automatically withdrawn from your account? This Automatic Deduction Authorization Form can be used to change almost any automatic payment. Simply click here for the form, and remember to print one for each automatic deposit on your checklist. 
Close Account Form 
For an simple request form asking your former bank close your accounts, click here.  

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