The world is moving fast, and sometimes it feels like if we don’t move right along with it, we’ll get left behind. Well, not here. In fact, if you are age 62 or older, we’re going to reward you. Just click here to check out our First Class Checking account. Like what you see? Great – you get it for FREE! That’s right. All the benefits of First Class with none of the cost. 
Are you interested in making some plans for your retirement or are you looking even further ahead to planning for your children and grandchildren? Our Trust Department can take care of all your needs concerning retirement, estate planning, and more. You can click here to find out more information including how to contact them. 
We’re also recommending some websites we think you might enjoy. Just click on the name and go to the page – it’s that easy! 
Senior Ark is an all-inclusive informative website designed with seniors in mind. It includes tips, travel, news, health, and lots of other fun stuff. 
Sometimes, new technology can be intimidating and hard to learn. No need to fumble your way through it or miss out on enjoying your computer because you are stumped on how it works. Microsoft has made it easy with their step-by-step guide called Accessibility for Boomers. It is easy to follow and may help you enjoy your online experience more! 

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