Welcome to the Banking Page that is just for you! We have information about accounts designed specifically for you and links to websites with games, information, and more. Look around and have a blast because banking is not just for adults anymore.  
Do you get an allowance? Did someone give you money for your birthday? Save your money in a Firstar Savers account and watch it grow into even more! Then, when you find that special something you just have to have, you’ll have the money saved up to buy it! Or you can even save it for when you’re older and you want to buy a car or go to college. Plus, during the school year, you may be able to make deposits at your school and get cool prizes. See if we come to your school by clicking hereand checking out "More Info" on the Firstar/First Investor Account. 
Find out How Much Money You Should Save, What Kind of Spender You Are, and When You Will Become a Millionaire! Check out The Mint.  
Learn something new at National Geographic. 
Find out about your favorite characters at Disney, be your own character at Miamiopia, and just have fun at Seussville. 
Get your SAVE on with First Investors - a savings account just for teens! Start saving now for a car, a college education, or the newest gadget you are just dying to have! Plus, if you are a Duncan Middle School student, you can make deposits at your school during the school year and win cool prizes.  
More into Spending than Saving? Check out our First Freedom Checking Account. You get a FREE Debit Card, FREE Mobile and Online Banking, the works. It’s a hassle-free account that starts you on your way to financial independence! 
Click here to get some Money Tips that are just for Teens.  
Already thinking about college? Learn what to do when Preparing for your Future or you can look into Student Loans with Sallie Mae. 
Just for fun: 
Find out about movies, actors, and more at Internet Movie Database. 
Check out book reviews on the stuff they don’t assign for homework at Teen Reads. 
Get the music you want at iTunes. Plus, if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download our Free App for mobile banking! 

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