This account is for anyone looking to save for a Rainy Day, Vacation, Christmas/Holiday Shopping, Big Ticket Purchase, just about anything! Consider an Automatic Funds Transfer from your checking account to help you automatically save even more! 
  • Interest is compounded monthly and paid monthly
  • Earn a variable rate of interest (rate may be changed anytime at bank’s discretion)
  • Receive quarterly statements
  • After three (3) FREE debits transactions per month, a $2.00 charge will be assessed for each additional item. These additional charges may reduce the earnings on this account.

  • *According to Federal Regulations concerning savings and MMDA accounts, there can be no more than six (6) preauthorized transfers and withdrawals to a third party or to another account of yours at the bank per month.
  • Note on interest-bearing accounts: Interest begins to accrue no later than the business day we receive credit for the deposit of non-cash items (for example, checks). We use the daily balance method to calculate interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day. Interest rates my change anytime at the bank’s discretion. For current interest rate information contact First Bank & Trust Co.    

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