Online and Mobile BankingFREE
E-Pay Excess Item Fee (first 7 items per statement cycle free) $0.40
E-Pay Stop Payment $25.00
E-Pay NSF$25.00
ATM/Debit CardFREE
Foreign ATM
International ATM$5.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacement $5.00
FirstLine 888.306.BANK(2265)FREE
Insufficient Funds (NSF) Returned Items Charge$25.00
Insufficient Funds (NSF) Paid Item Charge$25.00
Overdraft Privilege (OD Priv) Paid Item Charge$25.00
Return of Deposited Item Fee (Chargeback)$5.00
Stop Payment Order$25.00
Telephone TransferFREE
Wire Transfer Customer - Incoming$8.00
Wire Transfer Customer - Outgoing$15.00
Wire Transfer Customer - International$45.00
Wire Transfer Non-Customer - Incoming$30.00
Wire Transfer Non-Customer - Outgoing$30.00
Wire Transfer Non-Customer - International$60.00
Cashiers' Check - Customer$5.00
Cashiers' Check - Non-Customer$10.00
Sweep Transfer$1.00
Notary Service FREE
Copy Fee per Page$0.25
Fax Fee per Page$1.00
Collection Item$7.50
Caution Fee for 90 Days*$25.00
Dormant Account Charge**$20.00
Levy or Other Legal Fee$30.00
Snapshot/Temporary Statement$2.00
Account Research per Hour (1 hour minimum)$25.00
Statement Reconciliation per Hour (1 hour minimum)$20.00
Gift Cards- Fee Per Card$5.00
Interest Charged on Overdrawn Balance - Commercial Accounts Only18% APR
Daily Fee Assessed on Overdrawn Balance - Commercial Accounts Only$4.00
Daily Fee Assessed on Overdrawn Balance (if overdrawn more than 5 days, by more than $10.00) - Consumer Accounts Only $1.00
* Temporary watch on a checking account for lost or stolen checks
** Accounts with no activity (other than interest crediting) or contact from the depositor for more than 24 months. Other rules concerning dormant accounts appear on your Deposit Agreement.

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